Ivana Adamov DDS

Ivana Adamov, doctor of dental surgery DDS and owner of SoBo Dental, brings to the practice an enthusiastic love of dentistry, commitment to excellence, and dedication to her patients’ well-being.  Her greatest joy is in the ability to improve dental health and seeing the confidence that results from a transformed smile.

SOBO has served the community for more than 40 years as a resource for generations of families who want the best of dental care.  Dr. Adamov graduated from Ohio State as a Doctor of Dental Surgery, and joined the practice in 2005.

“Striving for excellence in my field is an ongoing process.  To implement the most up-to-date technology, you need extensive continuing education,” she says.  “By surrounding myself with colleagues who want to teach and learn, I’m constantly inspired.  As a result, I put my head, heart, and soul into my work.”

To this end, Dr. Adamov has logged hundreds of hours of specialized clinical and practical training in fields of aesthetics, occlusion, implant and pediatric dentistry.

In addition to believing in the value of continuing education, Dr. Adamov is a strong proponent of active listening.

Because no two patients are alike, Dr. Adamov takes the time to know and listen to each of them.  She respectfully learns about their health history and makes sure she understands their goals. Providing physical and emotional patient comfort is extremely important to Dr. Adamov.

Rather than enforcing a course of treatment, she works with her patients and encourages them to participate in their own dental decisions.  To do this, she presents the situation clearly, without an overload of medical jargon.  She recommends a number of options, invites questions, and with her patients – plans the next steps.

Dr. Adamov also believes that preventative care and preventative measures are essential in maintaining good dental health. Working with high-grade materials, advanced tools and a skilled team, she ensures that patients receive ongoing oral health care through regular dental visits and best practice instructions for oral hygiene.  She takes pride in her well orchestrated approach to esthetic cases and the remarkable changes that can be made to your smile.

Dr. Adamov loves being a mother, enjoys travel, skiing and entertaining with family and friends.